Team Building for Schools, Corporate, Businesses in Somerset, near Taunton.

Team Development courses at Black Rock Outdoors can be run as a half day teamwork taster. However, to get the best results, it is best to dedicate a day to improve team dynamics. Suitable for Corporate Groups, Schools and Colleges, Hen Parties and Sport Groups.

Low Ropes Course in Somerset

Our Low Ropes Course is specifically designed to improve a groups ability to work together. This is ideal for corporate groups who want a group to use each other skill sets. It’s useful for a school group who are learning the fundamentals of teamwork. It’s an ice-breaker or a getting-to-know-you exercise for Hen parties. It also develops dynamics within a sports team.

These activities are off the ground, at about 40 cms high. Harnesses are not needed and the group needs to concentrate to stay off the ground. The group will work in close proximity and have to use many forms of communication to complete the set task. Some tasks are more physical, whereas others require trust. For some the emphasis is on the logically solving the problem but most of all they are enjoyable. This creates a great opportunity for people to work together in a different environment. Participants need pass on information, learn from each others mistakes and overall become better at working together.

The Low Ropes has a range of different elements and we can accommodate large groups. They all enable a group to consider time management, risk awareness and problem solving. The group need to use each others ideas and manage the group co-ordination. Among the popular team development elements we have also installed unique designs of our own. The difficulty level of each element can be adapted to suit the group, therefore testing the abilities of everyone.

If you are looking to develop a corporate group, a sports team, a school group or an icebreaker for a Hen Party. Get in touch and we can provide you with a personal programme to incorporate any of your ideas or needs.

Ground Team Games

This activity is based on the ground and we use a mix of wide games and problem solving challenges. The games are focused on getting a team to work together, developing group awareness and embracing others thoughts and skills. The benefits of a half day of this activity can bond a group for a lifetime. Our team building games are mobile, meaning that we can come to you and run the activity at your premises either indoor or outdoors.

Additional Team Building Activities

Using a range of team Building activities will provide the best outcome. Other activities that are well suited in a Team Development Day are the High Ropes Course and Raft Building.

Team Building activities can be adapted to suit all levels of abilities. Let us know your requirements and we can provide a programme with a quote designed to meet your groups needs.

Important Activity Information

  • Trainers are suitable.
  • Wear loose clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a sweat or rugby shirt.
  • Dress for the weather with a waterproof top and sufficient warm clothing.
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