High Ropes Information

The Black Rock Outdoors High Ropes Course is at Cobbs Cross Farm. This is a developmental ropes course and is very different from the aerial trekking style that many have seen. This ropes course is designed to be a group activity, encouraging everyone to work together and support each other. The elements are at different heights and of varying difficulty.

Our instructors are well experienced in coaxing the more nervous and can always come to assist if needed. With a little support many find that they aren’t afraid of heights. Their confidence then soars and the enthusiasm to climb again escalates. Those who appear fearless will also be tested by some of the bolder jumps and physically challenging elements.

This can be a half day activity for a group, either on its own or as part of a full Activity Day. A full day is needed to use all the course.

This activity works well with all other activities based at Cobbs Cross. The Low Ropes Course is a very different activity, which focuses more on team problem solving. Low Ropes does work well as a warm activity to High Ropes as some of the features are similar.

Participants should ideally wear comfortable clothes which are easy to move around in with trainers. We will provide you with a full body harness and helmet.

Important Activity Information

  • Rings should be removed or covered over.
  • Dangling jewellery should be removed or secured.
  • Trainers are suitable.
  • Trousers and long sleeved tops should be worn. They need to be comfortable to move around in.
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