Archery Information

Archery is a great activity, which has a lot to offer. It often brings out the potential in the quieter members of the group. Learning to improve aim is a personal skill which allows people to focus on their own abilities. There are also team games to play which make it a fun and competitive activity for all.

The focus areas in this activity are: self improvement, encouragement and support, recognising progress, team coaching.

Archery is held at our activity centre in Somerset, Cobbs Cross Farm.

Archery is suitable for all ages from around the age of ten upwards. Younger participants can easily join in with older participants as they can shoot closer to the target and use a lighter bow.

This can be a single session or can be combined with other activities that are based at Cobbs Cross Farm.

Important Activity Information

  • Long sleeves are recommended.
  • Trainers or wellies, if has been wet then wellies are best.
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