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The Black Rock Outdoors High Ropes Course is at Cobbs Cross Farm. This is a Developmental Ropes course and very different from the type of High Ropes Courses at leisure parks, such as GoApe. This is designed to be a group activity, encouraging everyone to work together and support each other. A group of a minimum of four in number is required. Groups of forty can be accommodated. Contact us for details on a High Rope Team Building Event.

This can be a half day activity for a group, either on its own or as part of a full Activity Day. A full day is needed to use all the course.

Our instructors are well experienced in coaxing the more nervous and can always come to assist if needed. We also have a Low Ropes Course, which is very much a team building challenge. A minimum group size of around eight is required. This  can be part of a warm up for a longer day leading to the High Ropes Course itself.

Participants should ideally wear comfortable clothes which are easy to move around in with trainers. We will provide you with a full body harness and helmet.