A popular and challenging activity underground, in the Mendip Hills.

There are a large number of Caves in Somerset. The caves we use are chosen to suit the ability and age of the group as they vary in difficulty. Goatchurch Cavern is a ideal introductory cave. We can also provide advanced caving trips in Somerset for those with more experience.

We can run a single sessions, which lasts up to 3 hours. We can provide a full day of caving, using two caves or progressional Caving Courses over a number of weeks.

It is also possible to run Climbing with Caving as the areas are close to each other. Cave / Climb Days are very popular.

Important Activity Information

  • Wellies or walking style boots that cover the ankle are essential. Do not wear trainers.
  • Wear old clothes which are sufficiently loose so not to restrict movement.
  • We will provide a caving oversuit, advance notice on your size is needed.
  • Discuss any medication that needs to be with you with your instructor.
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