Water Balls

A challenging and fun activity which is entertaining for spectators and participants alike. You go inside an airtight ball which is filled with air. You then take off for a water walking adventure around a lake. It’s a lot harder than you think and it doesn’t hurt when you fall over.

You get five minutes in the ball at a time and can have multiple goes. There is a weight limit of 14 stones, so not suitable for everybody. Children from around the age of 5 are normally fine for this activity. Children under 5 often do not like the noise from the blower or the feeling of being isolated in the ball.

We can run this activity in the summer, or when the water is above 10 degrees. In times of Covid 19, we are just not able to run this activity and we are not taking any advanced bookings at this stage.

As a stand alone activity the cost is £100 for up to 10 people and then £5 per person after that. As an add-on to another activity the costs £7 per person.

Important Activity Information

  • The balls do get hot inside, so be prepared to remove a layer.
  • No sharp objects.
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