Slack Lining

This is a new and exciting sport that has only recently hit the UK. Black Rock Outdoors has a purpose built area dedicated to Slacklining! It’s great fun, an excellent work out and strangely addictive! Slacklining has been described as a mix between Tight Rope Walking and Trampolining. Combining these two activities makes a very bouncy balance line which, once you’ve learnt the basics and providing you have the nerve, you can do all sorts of tricks and stunts. It’s great for your core muscles, concentration and balance. An all round trainer for all sports and activities.

But mostly, it’s just great fun!

For those of you who think it looks easy, you can try it across water!

This is an excellent and entertaining session to run as part of an activity day. We will show you the basics to get you started and then you are free to try tricks, jumps or try the ‘Black Rock Challenge’. As yet unachieved!

Important Activity Information

  • Dress for the weather with a waterproof top and sufficient warm clothing
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